Govind Palace, just 300 meters from the Lord Guruvayurappan temple! Twenty top-quality residential apartments to cherish for life. The chairman, the visionary, and the guardian supervise all civil and design work on our project. The project became the magnum opus of Radhakrishna Villas and Apartments Private Limited's, chairman amalgamated Spirituality and technology together to produce this result.

It is the latest technology, the finest raw materials, and the quality of the workforce that define Govind Place today. Despite all these years, customers are pleased with the construction quality and no issues have been reported. It is a testament to the commitment of the Govind Place team to provide the highest quality construction services. The team of experienced engineers and architects ensures that the vision of the customer is delivered with precision and perfection. Govind Place continues to be a leader in the construction industry. 


At Govind Palace, we strive to create an environment that is both spiritual and luxurious. We have been able to create a balance between luxury and spirituality that our customers have appreciated. Our team is committed to delivering the highest quality and service to our customers. We believe that this unique combination leads to a more meaningful and fulfilling experience for our customers. We are proud to have developed such an environment and look forward to continuing to provide quality service to our customers. We strive to make Govind Place the premier place to live in town. Radhakrishna Villas and Apartments has always maintained an unblemished record of providing quality dwellings to its clients. Govind Palace is located on the outer ring road in South Nada and is entirely free of the disturbances of the township! Come and see the place. You'll love the locale. As of today, this engineering wonder still stands head high with the name Radhakrishna Villas and Apartments Pvt Ltd embedded on it.

Other Details

Location & Reach


Guruvayoor   temple        - 300 meter


Railway station                   - 200 meter


Private Bus                           - 300 meter


Children's Park                   - 400 meter

Type : Completed Projects